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America250MI: Our Story

Michigan's Official Contact for the United States Semiquincentennial

Our Founding

America250MI (America 250 Michigan) is the state planning committee for the United States Semiquincentennial or 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. America250MI is a state partner of the United States Semiquincentennial Commission (America250). There are currently 43 states and territories participating in the semiquincentennial.

The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM), along with the Michigan History Center (MHC), was appointed by Governor Whitmer in 2020 to lead the planning committee. Representatives from HSM and MHC serve on the committee such as Larry Wagenaar, Amy Bradfield, and Sandra Clark. Other members of the America250MI Committee include representatives from state and local museums, historical societies, archives, historic preservation organizations, educators, Native American tribes, and libraries, including representatives of Michigan’s diverse cultural groups.

Mission and Goals

"To fully engage the people of Michigan in commemorating the Semiquincentennial of the American Revolution."

The two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the United States is a unique opportunity to reflect on the founding of the United States, the American Revolution's role in Michigan's history, and the impact these, and other historic events had on the people of Michigan’s past, present, and future. The America250MI Committee seeks to generate a spirit

of collaboration across the state through municipalities, cultural and civic organizations, libraries, schools, and community groups. It is our hope that those networks will embrace the entirety of the nation's story, recognizing the importance of good, bad, and ambivalent histories, while setting the stage for a more compassionate and united future through carefully considered programs, events, and exhibits.


  • Discover and commemorate Michigan’s Revolutionary Era, its significant people, places, principles, and events.

  • Interpret, preserve, and make accessible Revolutionary Era scholarship and sites.

  • Educate Michiganders and the world about Michigan’s diverse and unique history.

  • Support and promote research and cultural heritage tourism telling Michigan’s stories from many points of view.

  • Support and promote local 250th anniversary commemorative events, arts, preservation, heritage tourism, and educational programming.

Current History

Since America250MI's creation in 2020, the committee has held quarterly meetings, created a website, and hired staff. A part-time America250MI Program Coordinator performs marketing, communications, and outreach duties for the America250MI Committee. With the Program Coordinator's help, America250MI has released a program guide to support commemorating the 250th, unveiled a new state logo, published America250MI sponsor levels and benefits, and connected with cultural institutions across Michigan.

The Road to 2026

Over the next two years, America250MI will continue programming and outreach to involve Michiganders across the state in this momentous anniversary. It is America250MI's hope that the semiquincentennial will encourage volunteerism and unity across communities in the effort to better understand and shape our history. Contact us through our website or email at to get involved.


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